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How will I be treated if I get sick with COVID-19?

If you test positive for the Coronavirus:

  • In early pregnancy you will be managed at home (self-isolation) or in a place with other people with COVID-19.
  • In later pregnancy (after 5 months) you will be managed at home (mild symptoms and not in labour), in a safe place with other people who have the infection, or in your maternity facility if in labour.
  • If you have severe symptoms like high fevers and shortness of breath you will be admitted to a specialised hospital with a maternity unit, where you might need to be looked after in an intensive care unit.
  • If you have had the baby, you should stay together and breastfeed while wearing a mask.

Health care workers that look after you will wear protective clothing and keep you in an area separate from other patients. Don’t worry about this; it is to protect them and other women from getting the Coronavirus.

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