Love Notes to Mothers

A Love Note from Ernestine Deane

Dear Mama

Now you have a new name, spelled with a capital M. 

Hello, and congratulations. 🙂

You have chosen to be a Mama and your child has chosen you as Mama, at an unforgettable time in the world’s history. I say chosen, because I truly believe that we choose each other, that souls have agreements with each other, made before we are born- in that place where babies come from them, and where those who die return to. Let’s call it Heaven or Home.

I have three children myself and every time I gave birth, I felt like the doors of heaven opened, like I was between worlds. It was as though I had one foot on the Earth and a foot in heaven. However our babies are born, I believe that it is one of the holiest things that we can experience as women. We can bring life in and move between worlds! And when we hold that child in our arms, it’s as if time stands still. Everything goes quiet, everything is soft.

When I first gave birth Mama, I felt like I had walked through a veil and stepped through the other side, receiving a cloak of honour. The old parts of myself that I no longer needed, stayed behind that veil as I stepped into my new life. With every child birthed, I received new cloaks. Cloaks of courage, cloaks of patience, cloaks of love. They are invisible to the world, but I know they’re there. I held on to those cloaks tightly on the difficult days when I was learning how to become a mom, listening to my intuition, on the nights when I was not sleeping, when my children were ill, or when my fears felt heavy. Now that my kids are older, I still hold onto these cloaks for guidance, for wisdom as they become young adults.

Mama, you and your child are protected, especially at this time. You are touched by the hand of the most High, you and your entire family. Hold onto your heavenly cloak, breathe in your baby’s innocence- and remember that you are a part of something so much bigger than the worries of the world. You are powerful. You are a leader. You create magic. Look into your baby’s eyes, see yourself in that mirror, when you need to make sense of the world. 

Mama, everything is just right.

Feel hugged by me.

Ernestine, a fellow mom