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How do I safely use and store sanitisers and disinfectants at home?

There is more use of bleach solutions and hand sanitisers at this time – make sure they are out of reach of all children.

  • Do not put these solutions in containers where they may be mistaken for soft drinks or water
  • Wash all children’s eating utensils and toys that they may put into their mouths with soapy water
  • Don’t wipe down toys and eating utensils of children with bleach solutions, this will be poisonous for children when they put it into their mouths. Rather use a soapy water solution.
  • Older children can be involved in their own care. It is helpful for them to know the reasons for what you ask them to do.
  • Children’s hands must be washed often, especially before and after meals. Also, as many times in-between meals as is practical. Normal soap and water is best.
  • You can play a little game with children and teach them to sing a song while washing hands

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