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How to stop a friend from becoming an abuser

If you’re reading this and you’re a man, you are obviously committed to stopping #GBV. To continue to be a part of the solution, it’s important that you speak to other men about GBV and the societal attitudes that make it so pervasive.

You should worry if you’ve heard a male friend say or hint at to any of these statements:

  • We cannot and can never separate or divorce.
  • I cannot live without her.
  • I have had sex with a drunk person.
  • I have ignored someone asking me to stop continuing a sexual act.
  • She cheated on me, so I had to punish her.
  • I believe that when she says ‘NO’, she means ‘YES’.
  • I spent money on her – she owed me sex, so I took what she owed me.
  • She was dressed like she wanted sex.

If you’ve heard these from a friend, you should check on their family, and share some of the resources attached here with friends:

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